Zyuganov urged citizens to participate in the actions of the Communist party for the birthday of Lenin


RIA Novosti

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov called for Russian citizens to respond to “disgusting” initiative on the reburial of the body of Vladimir Lenin’s participation in the events dedicated to the day of Lenin’s birth and the 100th anniversary of the October revolution.

On Thursday in the state Duma was introduced the bill for the burial of the body of Vladimir Lenin. The project was made by representatives of LDPR and “United Russia” United Russia but later withdrew their signatures. However, more than 60% of Russians, according to VTSIOM, said the need to bury Lenin’s body, which is in the Mausoleum on red square in Moscow, with half of them believes that this should be done immediately, the other half offers to wait for some time.

“We appeal to the citizens of Russia with an appeal to respond to this blatant anti-Communist attack of the massive participation in the activities of the Communist party devoted to birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and the 100th anniversary of the Great October revolution”, — reads the statement of Zyuganov, which has extended a press-service of the Communist party.

The Communist leader stressed that the bill on the reburial of Lenin’s body – not that other, as “a spring aggravation of anti-Sovietism, which covers the fascist liberals and pseudo-patriots — Zhirinovsky – every time on the eve of the birthday of the great son of humanity of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”.

“Professional gravediggers again and again pull on the surface of the false “public opinion polls”, by imposing the vile idea of the reburial, has long been rejected by our people,” Zyuganov stresses.