Valentina Matvienko criticized the work of Roskomnadzor

Valentina Matvienko criticized the work of Roskomnadzor

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko criticized the work of Roskomnadzor because of the fact that the Agency is not actively decides on the suppression of illegal content on the Internet.

“You are the Executive authority who is responsible for it. You are responsible for this area and you have to act vigorously, using all the possibilities. Where is your activity?”, — quoted by “RIA Novosti” Ms. Matvienko.

She suggested the complex to hear the program of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of communication at the meeting in the state Duma or the Federation Council. “Maybe they’re not the areas involved, not a priority? Maybe we should evaluate the work of the Federal Agency?”, — said Valentina Matvienko.

According to her, the oversight office “is the tail”.

“The President gives the orders, the state Duma, the Federation Council, and that you do not understand what you need to the result, not the process? While it seems the lack of any initiative and interest in addressing these acute issues,” she said.

We will remind, in Russia operates automated unified register of prohibited information. A daily updated list of addresses of sites, access to which the operator of the Internet connection must limit. To do this he must within days from the moment of its occurrence in the registry. In this case the law has no clear rule that would have established the liability of the operators for failure to perform this duty.