The vote on the election of 2018 can be e

The vote on the election of 2018 can be e

During the voting of the classic “paper” form may be duplicated digitally.

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov appealed to the head of the Central election Commission (CEC), Ella Pamfilova, a range of duplication on the election of 2018 “paper” form of the usual ballot electronic form. In CEC, the initiative caused as the interest and clarification.

In March Titov met with Pamfilova, then proposed the idea of using the blockchain for voting. The CEC declares its readiness to implement the proposal in a test mode and only in case, if you do not have to change the law on elections.

— While we are about to carry out in one or two regions of the experiment: to replicate the classic paper voting ballot voting using the blockchain-the platform, — told “Izvestia” Boris Titov.

According to him, this platform still need to be finalized to the principle of secret ballot guaranteed by the verification of each individual voice. The party of growth, headed by Titov conducts the internal tests of the electronic voting system. After that, the system will transmit to the CEC.

CEC member Anton Lopatin said in an interview with “Izvestiya” that the initiative Titova realizable, however, you need to meet a number of conditions. Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev told “Izvestia” that the system is interesting, and also shared ideas on how to make electronic voting more transparent.