Rihanna angered fans, “privatescope” his head of Elizabeth II

Rihanna angered fans, “privatescope” his head of Elizabeth II

The unexpected decision of the Barbados pop singer Rihanna to draw in the editor the head of the British Queen Elizabeth II to his body angered many of its fans and has spawned a series of parodies on social media.

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On Friday the Queen turned 91, and pop star probably decided unhackneyed to congratulate the ruling family.

On Instagram Rihanna more 52,5 million subscribers, and many of them reacted harshly to attempts to alter the Queen: someone called the singer “stupid uneducated girl” and suggested that she would like to meet with Prince Harry.

“This is disrespectful and stupid,” responded the user flohberlin.

“I would love to see how Rihanna will react, if over it will laugh” — outraged the user Henusinka.

Some members suggested that the singer would grace the covers of albums and singles such collages.

The singer has not commented on what prompted her to place four photo collage, but does not intend to remove them.

“Be modest”, — reads the caption to one photo.

“You’re all chickens of tobacco, and I in oil”, — is noted in the second of them.

“Not so deep”, the singer says in yet another collage.

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Buckingham Palace did not comment on the sudden interest of the singer to the Queen of great Britain.

Elizabeth II is known for extremely diverse wardrobe, in which you can find not less than bright colour outfits than Rihanna.

The staff of Vogue magazine once counted all the colors in which the Queen appeared in public for 12 months, and found out that her favorite color is blue and all shades of sea green — painted 29% of the orders.

Next is the color of the British lawns and tea rose (11%); close “relatives” — purple and pink — enjoy the same favour of the monarch (10%), while the orange as lemon yellow and bright red, privilegiata for the rare cases (4%), not to mention the color of coffee without milk (2%), coffee with milk (1%) and the cell.

In parallel, the Queen always respect a number of rules in your closet: heels height about five centimeters hem skirts always below the knee and weighted in order to avoid embarrassment in windy weather.

Its cap is usually high with a narrow brim, and in General on the street Queen is rarely seen without a hat. Alternatively, the hat she wears either a scarf or tiara.