Poroshenko and Tillerson has held a phone conversation

Petro Poroshenko

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has held a phone conversation with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, according to the website of the President. During the conversation, the Ukrainian leader has suggested to strengthen the consideration of placement in the Donbass international peacekeeping force under UN auspices.

The interlocutors discussed the results of a telephone conversation in the Normandy format on April 18 and the results of us-Russian talks in Moscow on 12 April. The sides expressed concern over the dangerous development of the situation in the Donbass, and stressed the importance for Russia to fulfill the Minsk agreements, particularly the elements relating to security.

Poroshenko called for the preservation of a United international front in the policy of sanctions against Russia “until the full restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.”

The President also expressed his condolences to the American representative of the Special OSCE monitoring mission, who died on the territory of the breakaway Lugansk people’s Republic.

Later at a press briefing in Washington, acting state Department spokesman mark Toner said that Tillerson discussed with Poroshenko on his recent visit to Moscow and his signal to the Russian leadership that, while the U.S. is interested in improving relations with Russia, the Russian actions in Eastern Ukraine remain an obstacle.

“The Secretary of state Tillerson reiterated the firm commitment of States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and confirmed that the sanctions will remain in force until Russia will return control of the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine and does not implement fully their commitments under the Minsk agreements” — leads RIA Novosti his words.

According to Toner, the U.S. calls to investigate the incident with the car of the OSCE in Ukraine and hope that Russia uses its influence for investigation.

The incident with the undermining of a car of the OSCE SMM occurred April 23 near the village of Prishib, which in 2014 is controlled by the militia. According to the power structures of the LC, one of the two machines departed from the planned route, was blown up by a bomb. In Lugansk claim that a car explosion was organized by the Ukrainian saboteurs.