Peskov called a primitive version of Moscow’s unwillingness to see Him as a winner

Dmitry Peskov

Moscow is determined to build friendly relations with all who are willing to dialogue. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, answering the question about whether the victory of Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election in France is undesirable for Russia. His words are quoted by the correspondent of”.ru” on Monday, April 24.

“This is absolutely incorrect statements, rather primitive. In Russia traditionally ready and willing to build good relations with those who are also configured in a positive way and who believes that the solution to the existing differences is possible only through dialogue,” — said the official representative of the Kremlin.

He noted that to speak about Russia’s support to one candidate or the other is incorrect. Peskov also said that Moscow does not interfere in the electoral process of other countries.

Earlier on Monday, commenting on the results of the first round of elections of the President of France, press Secretary of the head of state said that the Russian authorities respect the choice of the French.

According to the French interior Ministry, in the first round of the elections, the leader of the movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron has received 23.75 percent of the votes, in second place — the representative of the “National front” marine Le Pen from 21.53 percent. They will compete in the second round, which will take place on 7 may.

On March 24 President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with marine Le Pen in the Kremlin. The President then stressed that Moscow attaches great importance to relations with Paris and tries to maintain relations with representatives of the current government and the opposition.