Media: North Korea may conduct a new nuclear test in the near future

Media: North Korea may conduct a new nuclear test in the near future

According to the newspaper “tone of Ilbo”, most likely this occurs between 25 April and 9 may.

SEOUL, April 24. /Offset. TASS Stanislav Varivoda/. The DPRK has once again stepped up the preparations for another nuclear test. As reported today the newspaper “tone of Ilbo”, this is evidenced by the U.S.-Korea Institute school of advanced international studies at Johns Hopkins University in Washington.

On the North Korean nuclear test site near the village of Pung-ri district of the province of Hamgyong recorded evidence of active preparation to conduct another nuclear test, the newspaper notes.

Experts, after analyzing new satellite imagery, came to the conclusion that the sixth nuclear test can be carried out at any time, once received the corresponding order from Pyongyang.

According to the newspaper, the most probable period when this can occur between 25 April and 9 may

These dates are called because on 25 April in Pyongyang will mark the anniversary of the founding of the Korean people’s army, and on may 9 in South Korea will be held early presidential elections, emphasizes the publication.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated late last year when Pyongyang carried out a nuclear test and later launched a carrier rocket with the artificial companion of the Earth. In September 2016, the DPRK conducted another nuclear test, and over the years has produced more than 20 rocket launches.