Le Pen has promised to defend France from “unbridled globalization”

Marine Le Pen

The candidate in presidents of France from the movement “national front” marine Le Pen, which, according to preliminary data, goes into the second round of elections, promised to protect his country from “unbridled globalization.” About it reports Reuters.

“This result is historical, and he imposes on me a huge responsibility for the protection of the French nation, for its unity, security, culture, prosperity and independence,” — said Le Pen, speaking to supporters in Henin-beaumont in Pas-de-Calais.

“The main thing at stake in this election is frightening globalization, which threatens our civilization,” she added, urging French voters to get rid of the shackles of “arrogant elites”.

According to Le Pen, she overcame the first step to the Elysee Palace, RIA Novosti reported. “You led me in the second round, and I Express to you, my constituents-the patriots, my deepest gratitude. The first phase, which should lead to the Elysee Palace, passed,” she said.

According to Le Pen, the current President of France Francois Hollande made a lot of mistakes in his five-year reign, and this period is “catastrophic”. “The French must seize the opportunity that opened before them,” she said.

In France, Sunday, April 23, passed the first round of presidential elections. According to the interior Ministry after counting 44,89% of votes in the second round are Le Pen with a score of 24,30% of the votes and the leader of movement “Forward,” Emmanuel macron, who scored 22,28%. The representative of the right wing “Republicans” Francois Fillon is gaining 19,60%, leader of the “Rebellious France,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon — 18.16 percent.