In the state Duma propose to prohibit former officials to work in foreign companies

In the state Duma propose to prohibit former officials to work in foreign companies

MOSCOW, April 24. /TASS/. A member of the Duma Committee on defense and the Commission on legal support to the development organizations of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation Pavel Dorokhin (CPRF) intends shortly to submit to the Senate a bill which proposed to prohibit ex-government officials to work in foreign companies for five years after dismissal from civil service.

The essence of the initiative

“The citizen, replacing the position of a state or municipal service which list is established by regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, within five years after the dismissal… is not entitled to substitute for the terms of the employment contract positions in foreign organizations, foreign structures without forming a legal person-commercial organizations performing functions of a foreign agent, or perform in the organization or in foreign structures work (to render services) on conditions grazhdansko-the legal contract”, — stated in the bill, a copy of which is Agency.

“This initiative was developed by the President of the Association of entrepreneurs for development of business of patriotism “Avanti” Rahman Anukov” — said Dorokhin TASS. The idea is submitted to the relevant Deputy “given the complex international situation and pressure on Russia, as well as the possibility of transmission of sensitive data from the officials to the so-called foreign partners”.

If the officer, having worked for some time, goes to a foreign company on its profile, it is counterproductive for our country.Pavel Dorokhin

“In the near future I plan to discuss this proposal with the leadership of the party and faction, and then with the leadership of the Duma and introduce it as a subject of legislative initiative,” the MP said, expressing hope that the bill will receive the support of all Duma factions.

Dorokhin also confirmed that he was aware of examples of lobbying of interests of foreign companies from the ex – officials who worked in the Russian defense industry. “Unfortunately, there are such examples, he said. — I will not give names, but there are a few companies, in one of his speeches hinted at this and (Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry) Rogozin, who oversees defense industry”.

To eliminate hunger and thirst for personal gain

“Today, many citizens perceive the work in the organs of state power as the basis for further career growth in commercial organizations”, — reads the statement of the President “Avanti” Rahman Anshukova to the leadership of the state Duma, in which he asks to support the initiative.

“Come to the fore the competitive advantages associated not with the intellectual and personal qualities, and presence of friends, are able to “resolve” the issue”, — considers the head of the Association. In his opinion, the adoption of the initiative would “eliminate hunger and thirst for personal gain as the fundamental criterion in the choice of work in the organs of state power, but also minimizes the risks of recruiting former officials of foreign agencies”.

World practice shows that the countries with the lowest levels of corruption have long adopted similar measures, said Yanakov.

“And even in the US, where the official cost of lobbying amount of $3.24 billion a year, one of the first decrees of the President of Donald trump has become a document subject to a five-year restriction on lobbying and the total ban of the promotion of the interests of other States to the former officials”, — said in his address.