In Italy the arrested were preparing an attack, the Moroccan

In Turin, Italy, arrested 29-year-old Moroccan Munir al Awal suspected of preparing a terrorist attack. It is reported by ANSA.

Awal lives in Italy since 2008. He got into the field of view of the security services because of the propaganda on the Internet of extremist ideology, inciting religious hatred and calls to destroy the “infidels”. In addition, he spoke in support of the terrorists who committed the recent attacks in Germany, Sweden and France.

The immediate reason for the detention was his record on one of the forums. It Awal said he was ready to commit a terrorist act in Italy and is looking for that associates.

In the court decision on the arrest says that a man is a serious danger, primarily because of its willingness to proceed to immediate execution of its threats.

In August last year, Italian police arrested on suspicion of smuggling migrants a group of smugglers. It was headed by the militant terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) 41-year-old Mohamed Kamel Khemiri, a citizen of Tunisia, formerly held on charges of drug smuggling. After serving his conclusion, he joined the radical Islamists.