In Dagestan in school explosion

In Dagestan in school explosion

MOSCOW, 24 APR — RIA Novosti. When the grenade in the computer lab in the Tsumada district of Dagestan killed an eighth-grade student, another 11 children were injured, said the interior Ministry.

According to the Deputy Director of school on educational work Magmadiver Zubairova, injured 13 students.

Three victims are in resuscitation in a grave condition, have informed RIA of news in the waiting room Tsumadinskogo district Central hospital.

“One of the eighth grade students brought a grenade. As a result, in the computer lab, an explosion occurred,” — said the Director Ogulinski high school Shamil Abakarov.

The cause of the incident, as stated in the interior Ministry, was the careless handling of weapons. The boy who brought a grenade to class, was detained.

The school is surrounded, the territory no one is allowed. On site works investigative team.