Francois Hollande: “Le Pen is a threat to France”

Francois Hollande: “Le Pen is a threat to France”

The current President of France Francois Hollande, speaking on television, said he would vote in the upcoming second round of presidential elections in the centrist of Emmanuel Macron, and named it the competitor — the leader of the right “National front” marine Le Pen is a threat to France.


“Emmanuel macron today — the one who will protect the values that unite the people of France in such a serious moment, serious for France, Europe and the world. […] At stake is our French idea, our unity, our partnership with Europe and our place in the world,” said Hollande.

“As for me, I will vote for Emmanuel Macron”, he added.

Emmanuel macron and marine Le Pen passed to the second round of presidential elections on the last Sunday of the first round. In the first round, the candidates are with a small margin — the Makron 23.75% of the votes, marine Le Pen — 21,53%. The second round of presidential elections in France will take place on 7 may.

For the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic (since 1958) in the second round were not neither the candidate nor the candidate of the center-right.

The candidate from the party “the Republicans”, the ex-Prime Minister Francois Fillon scored 19 and 91% of the votes, and the leader of the movement “Rebellious France,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon — 19,64%.

Reaching the second round candidates represent exactly the opposite point of view:

Emmanuel macron is in favour of free international trade and the European Union. Marine Le Pen opposes globalization and wants to stay in France for a referendum on leaving the EU like the “breccia”.

Macron is a former banker and former economy Minister of France under President Hollande. For his first election campaign, and in case of victory in the second round of the macron will become the youngest President of France.

Previously the support of Macron said representatives of the main political parties. Makron was supported by the losing candidates. François Fillon, who scored 19 and 91% of the vote in the French television broadcast acknowledged defeat and urged his supporters to vote for the Macron in the second round.

Supported the centrist-Macron and the candidate of the socialist Benoit Hamon, also lost in the first round.