Former adviser to trump responded to statements about “relations with Russia”


RIA Novosti

Former adviser on international relations of the election headquarters of the electoral campaign of Donald trump Carter Paige commented on reports of alleged links with Russian intelligence services.

“It’s really news, I was thrilled after reading it. “Russia was trying to use trump’s advisors for the implementation of the campaign”. Remember the headlines of recent months: “a Campaign trump in cahoots”, there was something vile. Now say the word “tried,” said Paige on CNN.

The former adviser noted that in recent time, the media repeatedly tried to spread false reports.

“Nothing of what I spoke with someone from the Russian officials, is not beyond public, inconsequential information,” said Paige.

Earlier, CNN reported that the FBI suspects Russian special services, who allegedly tried to infiltrate the presidential campaign of Donald trump through his advisers, among whom Carter Paige.

In late March, Carter Paige has already denied reports of cooperation with Russian officials during the presidential election in 2016.