Duterte promised to eat the liver of terrorists

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte warned that it can be 50 times more violent than Muslim militants, decapitation of hostages and said he was ready to eat the extremists, if they are captured alive. About it reports The Independent.

“If you want me to become an animal, I’m ready for this,” admitted Duterte, speaking at the opening of the national sports tournament.

He added that if living terrorists will lead to him in that moment, when he will be in a bad mood, he’ll eat his liver with salt and vinegar. These words caused laughter among the audience. However, Duterte interrupted the fun: “It’s true, if I get angry.”

Philippine leader known for his controversial statements. March 20, using obscene language, he demanded that the European Parliament not to interfere in the Affairs of his country. “I’ll speak in English. Do not impose their culture or their faith. Do not impose anything, especially us. Why don’t you handle your Affairs. Why you to us [dug]?”, — indignant Duterte. Instead of the word “dug” Philippine leader used a rude expression in English.