Duma Deputy Seleznev commented on the court decision in the United States in the case of his son


2017 AFP / Yana Paskova

State Duma Deputy Vladimir Seleznev called the verdict in the U.S. in Seattle, who appointed his son, Roman Seleznev, 27 years of imprisonment in the case of fraud, is a foregone conclusion and cannibalistic.

“I believe that this sentence cannibals… It’s a foregone conclusion sentence, I do not think that there is his fault. As I thought, so I’m still not considered”, — said Seleznev, RIA Novosti.

The MP explained that he does not have the case materials, to them it has not been introduced.

“My son was kidnapped… My son was subjected to various kinds of torture, because by itself sitting in a prison on foreign soil after the kidnapping is, in fact, torture. Given his disability, which the Prosecutor urged the court not to pay attention, — dual must be torture,” commented the spokesman.