Chinese couple have equipped your home with coffins

Chinese couple from Yunnan province built inside his own home two tombs and built their coffins. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

According to the newspaper, Liu Xiang and his wife built two tomb 30 years ago, they spent 970 yuan (about $ 140), and then bought the coffins. One vault is in the bedroom, second in living room, standing around a dining table.

Liu explained, that their house no one will want to inherit, so it will serve as an excellent shelter for the crypts from the rain and wind. According to the man, he and his wife agreed: first the deceased will be buried in one of the vaults, and the surviving spouse will continue to live in this house until his own death.

In March it was reported the British, who buried himself alive in a coffin with ventilation and wifi. His campaign John Edwards was trying to convince drug addicts and alcoholics back to a healthy lifestyle, yet they themselves do not have to go to the grave.