The Syrian army broke the largest stronghold of militants in the province of Hama

The Syrian army backed by allied forces liberated from the militants settlement Halfa and seven neighbouring settlements in the Northern province of Hama. About it reports on Sunday, April 23, Sana, citing a military source.

According to him, government forces defeated the last major stronghold of the militants “Jabhat EN-Nusra” in the region. The result of the operation killed and injured hundreds of estremista, the rest fled, leaving weapons.

The army managed to capture seven mortars and two machine guns. Was also disposed of 58 vehicles, three tanks, a car bomb and three of the ammunition depot.

The engineers began clearing streets and houses.

On 2 March it became known that the Syrian Armed forces with the support of the aerospace defence forces of Russia completed the operation to take Palmyra. The town was already liberated from the militants in March 2016, but in December they again managed to win it. The first time terrorists took Palmyra in may 2015.