The rating of the most safe cities in the world

The rating of the most safe cities in the world

The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi is recognized as the safest city in the world. Rating, which ranked 288 of cities, compiled by the portal, says UAE newspaper the National.

In addition to the UAE capital in the category of safe were also in Munich (Germany), Taipei (Taiwan, China), Basel (Switzerland), Doha (Qatar), Singapore, zürich (Switzerland). Numbeo, the representative explained that according to their method of calculation, the city is considered safe if the level of crime in him below 20 points. For Abu Dhabi this index is 14.4 points.

According to police in the city, per 100 thousand inhabitants in 2011 had 119,8 crimes. In 2013, the figure dropped to 110,2, and in 2015 — up to 83,8.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of interior of the UAE Sheikh Saif bin Zayed told The National that the country recorded the lowest level of violent crime in the world. As for non-violent crimes, the most frequent offences in UAE — traffic violations, petty theft, fraud and cybercrime. Other cases involved sexual harassment, prostitution, alcohol and public manifestations of love, which is forbidden in the country.

Low crime rate, according to the compilers of the rating, in the cities, who scored from 20 to 40 points. In this category fall, for example, Bern (Switzerland), Hong Kong (China), Minsk. Thus, the Belarusian capital was recognized as the safest city in the CIS in the overall ranking he was ranked the 28th.

Moscow in the list located on 205. City scored 45,32 points — the authors of the study called these readings “moderate level of crime”

Below the Russian capital in the ranking are located including Stockholm, Athens, Sofia, Oakland, Rome, Brussels, Manchester, Dublin.

The most dangerous city on the planet recognized as the capital of Venezuela Caracas, where crime rates exceed 80 points.