The positive impact of nature on human emotions

The positive impact of nature on human emotions

People are constantly searching for material things that will make them happy, but recent studies prove that a simple camping trip can give much more positive emotions than a new car, clothes or watch.

Scientists worldwide have long talked about the connection between time outdoors and improve mood. Now a study by the University of Oregon has finally proved that a camping trip will well affect not only your health, but also improves the emotional state, writes Daily Mail.

The study involved 4,500 people living near the system of bays of Puget Sound in Washington state. This area includes the cities of Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma, and here is the national Park of mount Rainier.

In the experiment, the scientists planned to assess the relationship between positive emotions in people’s lives and their relationship with the environment. The evaluation focused on 13 factors, including the estimated availability of access to natural resources, the effectiveness of stress relief in the open air, and the credibility of the authorities responsible for the protection of nature. The results showed that 11 factors have a positive influence on the emotional state of a person. Among them was important to the ongoing confidence in the region environmental policy and the possibility (or rather, the feeling of availability) of ordinary citizens to influence decisions in this area.