The interior Minister of Bavaria, called for an end to the accession negotiations of Turkey to the EU

Joachim Herrmann

The interior Minister of Bavaria Joachim Herrmann demanded an end to the accession negotiations of Turkey to the EU. He declared it in interview to the German Bild am Sonntag.

“I have always categorically rejected Turkish membership in the EU. It is time for the EU to conclude accession negotiations. Not to suspend or delay. Enough! We should stop deceiving ourselves — when [President the Recep Tayyip] Erdogan Turkey does not have with Europe a common vision,” said Herrmann.

April 2, Erdogan said that the Republic’s integration into the European Union interferes primarily a religious factor. “Turkey cannot join the EU for 54 years. The reason is quite clear: the EU is a Union of crusaders. They lied to us 14 years in a row. And continue to do,” he said.

14 April, Turkey threatened to cancel or seriously reconsider a deal with the European Union for migrants in the absence of progress in negotiations on visa-free regime. According to the head of the foreign Ministry Mevlut Cavusoglu, these issues should be addressed as one package. If the EU does not fulfill its part of the deal, Ankara does not consider itself bound by any obligations.

16 April, Turkey held a referendum on amendments to the Constitution. According to preliminary results, the amendment was voted 51.4%. Citizens were asked to decide whether it is necessary to make changes to 18 articles of the basic law of the country. In case of a victory of supporters of changes the Prime Minister will be abolished, the President can appoint Vice-presidents, Ministers and senior officials. He also will be entitled to declare a state of emergency and to issue decrees that can be revoked only by an absolute majority of votes in Parliament.