TFR opened a criminal case on not missed an ambulance driver

The main investigatory management SK of Russia across Moscow brought criminal case in connection with the obstruction of the passage of cars children’s ambulance. On Sunday, April 23, reported on the website of the capital dome.

On 22 April the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin ordered to investigate the incident “to identify, detain and to give a principled legal assessment of the actions of a grief-the driver.”

SUV moving down the street Solar in Moscow, missed the ambulance going on a call with the included special sound signal. In addition, driving a car the man got out of the car and began to make claims to the ambulance driver.

As stated TFR spokesman Svetlana Petrenko, currently under the investigation of the suspect and conducted a set of measures to clarify all the circumstances of the incident.

19 February in Novosibirsk, the driver of the truck refused to allow an ambulance in which there was a seriously ill patient. The entreaties went on for about 20 minutes while passers-by do not found the owners of other parked cars that gave way to the ambulance.