Singer lolita has refused to let the Ukraine


Russian pop singer lolita Milyavskaya the was not allowed to Ukraine. She announced Sunday, April 23, on their pages in social networks, including Twitter.

“Where do you think I am? I’m in Konotop, me at 4 am was taken off the train, I can’t visit his child who was sick, because I denied entry to Ukraine”, — said the singer.

According to Lolita, it was immediately transferred to another train. Palladium explained that the entrance it was closed for visiting Kerch in 2015.

The singer has only one child from his marriage to third husband Alexander Tsekalo the daughter Eva born in 1999. She lives with her grandmother in Kiev.

On 21 April, the Minister of culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk has promised to revise the list of Russian performers banned from entering the country. According to Yevhen Nyshchuk, the black list was prepared “hastily”.

On March 22, the SBU refused to allow the Russian representative at the Eurovision song contest Julia Samoylova, banning her entry for three years.

At the beginning of 2017 Ukraine has banned the entry of 140 Russian cultural figures who according to the SBU, threaten national security. Among them actors Mikhail Boyarsky, Natalya Varley, Valentina Talyzina, and Valentin Gaft, singers Oleg Gazmanov and Joseph Kobzon.