The Pope compared the refugee centres with concentration camps

The Pope compared the refugee centres with concentration camps Pope Francis during a solemn service in memory of the new martyrs of the XX and XXI centuries in the Roman Basilica of St. Bartholomew deviated from the expected text and criticized the camp for refugees from the Middle East and Africa, in Greece and Italy. “These refugee camps are the many concentration camps, crowded with people. Because international agreements seem to be more important than human rights”, — quotes the Pontiff AFP. The head of the Roman Catholic Church also told the story of a refugee whose wife was killed due to the fact that she was a Christian. “They saw we have a crucifix and told us to throw it away. When she refused, she in my eyes slit the throat,” recalled Francis, the words of a migrant. At the end of 2016, according to the Italian authorities and

Throughout Venezuela have been mourning marches of the opposition

Throughout Venezuela have been mourning marches of the opposition Thousands of opposition supporters in Venezuela have taken part in mourning actions in memory of those killed during anti-government demonstrations continued in the country for three weeks. In Caracas, the protesters, mainly dressed in white — the color of protest in Venezuela — marched through the main streets of the city, but the police blocked the passage to the ultimate goal of the action — the building Department of the Archdiocese of Venezuela. Multitudinaria #marcha contra #represiónpolicial en #Venezuela vía @noroestemx — Noroeste (@noroestemx) 22 APR 2017 The same marches on this day took place across the country. The opposition will washalet blame for the death of almost 20 anti-government protests for the police. Authorities claim that police prevent riots and pursues the raiders. #Marcha silenciosa desborda calles de Caracas en #Venezuela — lapoliticamx (@lapoliticamx) 22 APR 2017 The

Trump confirmed his refusal to have dinner with journalists

Trump confirmed his refusal to have dinner with journalists Donald trump said he will mark 100 days in office meeting with his supporters. Thus, the 45th President of the United States indirectly confirmed its refusal to participate in the correspondents Association dinner at the White house, which is traditionally arranged for this reason. The US President Donald trump will celebrate the hundredth day of the Board meeting with his supporters. In the microblog in Twitter he wrote that next Saturday will hold a “big meeting in Pennsylvania”. As reported TASS, the event will be held in the city of harrisburg. Thus, trump has indirectly confirmed its refusal to participate in the correspondents Association dinner at the White house, which is traditionally arranged within the first 100 days in office of each President. 26 Feb trump has stated that he will not attend the dinner of the Association. The reasons for

Presidential election began in France

In France, the presidential election campaign started. Sunday, April 23, is the first round. As reported TASS, in the lists of voters, over 45 million people. In the European part of the country stations will open at 08:00 Paris time (09:00 GMT) outside the state due to the difference of time zones voting began on Saturday, March 22. In France, it will end at 20:00 local time (21:00 MSK) The favorites of the presidential race are considered to be the founder of the movement “On the March” Emmanuel macron and the leader “National front” marine Le Pen. Them with minimal lag, by the candidate of the center-right party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon and representing the movement “Natchinaetsja France” levoradikal Jean-Luc Mélenchon. To the participating candidate from the ruling Socialist party, Benoit Hamon, Chairman of the party “Wake Up, France” Nicolas DuPont-Aignan, leader of the “people’s Republican Union Francois Asselin, the

The king of Saudi Arabia appointed Ambassador to the United States his son

Saudi Arabia’s king Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud was appointed Ambassador to the United States his son Prince Khaled. On Saturday, April 22, according to Press TV. “Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki was removed from his post of Ambassador to the United States. Ambassador appointed Prince Khaled bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz”, — stated in the Royal decree. This appointment is one of a series made by the king on April 22 the reshuffle. In addition, he is replaced by Adel al-Toraifi (Adel Al-Toraifi) on the post of Minister of information, former Ambassador to Germany of the bin Awwad al-Awwad (Awwad bin Al-Awwad), dismissed the head of the Ministry of civil service Affairs Khaled al-Argi (Khaled Al-Arj) and the commander of the army, created the center for national security and appointed a new head of the General investment management of the country (SAGIA). The Chairman of the Saudi-American Committee on

The interior Minister of Bavaria, called for an end to the accession negotiations of Turkey to the EU

Joachim Herrmann The interior Minister of Bavaria Joachim Herrmann demanded an end to the accession negotiations of Turkey to the EU. He declared it in interview to the German Bild am Sonntag. “I have always categorically rejected Turkish membership in the EU. It is time for the EU to conclude accession negotiations. Not to suspend or delay. Enough! We should stop deceiving ourselves — when [President the Recep Tayyip] Erdogan Turkey does not have with Europe a common vision,” said Herrmann. April 2, Erdogan said that the Republic’s integration into the European Union interferes primarily a religious factor. “Turkey cannot join the EU for 54 years. The reason is quite clear: the EU is a Union of crusaders. They lied to us 14 years in a row. And continue to do,” he said. 14 April, Turkey threatened to cancel or seriously reconsider a deal with the European Union for migrants

Swear words and figures banned from use in children’s names

The state Duma adopted in the third final reading the law prohibiting in the name of the children to use numbers, swear words, and symbols. On Friday, April 21, reports RIA Novosti. In addition, you cannot use alphanumeric symbols, instructions on positions and titles. However, the document allows you to give the baby a double surname, composed of the names of the parents separated by a hyphen. More than two words in names are not allowed. The author of the initiative Senator Valentina Petrenko. It is noted that the document must protect the interests of children and to protect them from excessive originality of the parents. The Duma Committee on family, women and children has approved a draft law establishing the requirements for names for children, in April 2016. In 2014 in the Perm territory the child was born, who was named Lucifer Konstantinovich Menshikov. His younger brother was given

The alleged kidnapper of an infant from Dedovsk charged

Woman kidnapped in 2014, a child from chamber old-Fashioned city hospital, charged. About it “” said Elena Fokina, the official representative of the Moscow dome RCDS. She said that the investigation incriminates 40-year-old Elena Pahovoj “Kidnapping a minor” (paragraph “d” of part 2 of article 126 of the criminal code). For this article, a criminal case was initiated in July 2014. The accused remains under house arrest. It is established that shortly before the abduction, the woman had a miscarriage, and she was in the Antiquated city hospital. According to the preliminary version, 17 Jun 2014 Spehova decided to steal a newborn baby from the children’s ward of the medical institution and to inform the spouse that it is their child. She entered the office and, taking advantage of the lack of visitors and medical staff taken from the chamber of a newborn baby boy (he had refused the mother,

In the state Duma again introduced a bill to revoke citizenship from terrorists

In the state Duma re-introduced a bill that allows you to cancel a decision on granting Russian citizenship for terrorist activities. The edited document was registered in the Duma electronic database on Friday, April 21. The document in addition to the authors of the first version of it was signed by the speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, his deputies, Ivan Melnikov and Irina Yarovaya, the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov. “The adoption of the Federal law will effectively implement the principle of incompatibility between the acquisition of the status of the citizen of Russia with terrorist and extremist activities”, — stated in the explanatory Memorandum. The previous version of the draft law was submitted to the Duma faction leaders on April 18, but two days later the document was withdrawn for revision. Criticism, in particular, caused a paragraph of

American Airlines employee fired, hit the woman with a stroller

American Airlines employee fired, hit the woman with a stroller MOSCOW, 22 APR — RIA Novosti. American Airlines suspended the flight attendant, after he, according to passengers, the wheelchair hit a woman, stranded on a flight with a child, reports the ABC. The incident occurred on Friday when the woman boarded the plane that was to fly from San Francisco to Dallas. One of the passengers posted a video on the social network Facebook, having accompanied the video with the comment: “Oh my God, the flight attendants during my flight took the stroller to the lady, hit her, almost hitting the child.” The passenger managed to capture only the situation on Board the aircraft after the incident, the moment of impact the video has not got. The atmosphere in the cockpit grew even stronger when protecting a woman stood up the man who started a verbal argument with a flight