North Korea threatened to sink US aircraft carrier to demonstrate military power

North Korea threatened to sink US aircraft carrier to demonstrate military power

As noted by the media, we are talking about the nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”, who leads the group, the US Navy issued earlier to the shores of the Korean Peninsula.

Moscow. April 23. INTERFAX.RU — North Korea has said it is ready to sink U.S. aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” to demonstrate its military power, said in an article published Sunday in the newspaper “Rodong Shimbun”, excerpts of which lead the Western media.

“Our revolutionary forces are fully prepared to sink an American nuclear aircraft carrier with one blow”, the article says.

The publication compared the carrier to a “rough beast,” the article says that an attack on him become “a good example of demonstration of our military power”

The Western press notes that the article was published on the third page after two pages of stuff about how Kim Jong-UN has inspected a pig farm.

Earlier this week the Pentagon announced that the carrier strike group the U.S. Navy led by the nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”, sent to the coast of the Korean Peninsula.

The composition of the carrier battle group US Navy aircraft carrier in addition includes the missile cruiser “lake Champlain canal” and two destroyers — “Michael Murphy” and “Wayne Meyer”. In addition, a carrier battle group is usually accompanied by nuclear-powered submarines equipped with cruise missiles “Tomahawk”.

Earlier it became known that in the Pacific started joint exercises Maritime self-defense force of Japan with nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”.

It was noted that the Japanese ships joined with the shock aircraft carrier group of the United States in the Western Pacific ocean near the Philippines.