Ministry of defense of Denmark has stated about the attack “Russian hackers” in 2015-2016

Ministry of defense of Denmark has stated about the attack “Russian hackers” in 2015-2016

MURMANSK, April 23 — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of defence of Denmark argue that in 2015-2016 e-mail of Agency staff and other services were allegedly hacked by Russian hackers, according to Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet, citing a report of the center for cybersecurity intelligence Agency of the Danish Ministry of defense.

The material is not explained why the military of Denmark places the responsibility for the hacker attack on Russia.

“A group of hackers gained access to e-mail employees of the Ministry of defense in 2015 and 2016”, — the newspaper writes with reference to the defense Minister Claus Hjort Fredriksen.

According to him, we are not talking about a small group of hackers who hack sites “for sport”

“This is due to the intelligence service or the Central elements in the Russian government, and this opposition lasts for a long time”, — quotes the edition of the Danish Minister.

The newspaper explains that “for a long time, hackers have sent numerous e-mails to specific employees in the Ministry of defence”. Staff had received reports that “the system requires updates, and “they have to enter their passwords”, says the publication.

According to the report, in order to mislead the officials of the Ministry, the hackers use fake login pages, which represent an almost exact copy of pages of the Ministry. In addition, according to the center, the purpose of the alleged hackers could not only obtain the necessary information, but also the possible recruitment of agents from among the employees of the Ministry.

The report States that the hackers got access to information that wasn’t classified, but the Ministry seriously treated information about the hackers who, according to Danish experts, “can cause damage to the security of the country.”

“Cyber espionage is a constant threat, and it demands constant readiness,” the report said. The Minister of defence also confirmed to Danish media that the attacks will have consequences for the employees of the Ministry.

Accusations of “Russian hackers” intervening, in particular, in the election, occasionally heard from the lips of Western politicians, which, however, are in no hurry to show any evidence. Such statements were, for example, the British parliamentarians after the referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU, representatives of the US democratic party, lost the presidential election, the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel macron. In Germany in recent years have increasingly talking about such threats coming from Russia.

Russia has repeatedly denied these accusations.