Makron expressed a desire to “be President of all the French”

Emmanuel Macron

Candidate for the French presidency Emmanuel macron announced his victory in the first round of the elections and stressed his desire to “be a President for all French people”. As reported TASS, this statement he made at his campaign headquarters in Paris.

“When our country is experiencing an unprecedented in its history moments, marked by terrorism and economic problems, the suffering of the people, the French people spoke and gave the most beautiful answer, massively came to vote,” he said.

According to Macron, the people decided to put him first in the first round. “I commensurate the honor and immense responsibility that thereby I have” — he stressed.

Macron added that the current elections were an important milestone in the political history of France. “The French have rejected the candidates of two big parties that ruled the country for the past 30 years,” he said.

The macron thank the candidate from right party “the Republicans” françois Fillon and candidate of the ruling Socialist party, Benoit Amon for support and a call to vote for him in the second round.

At a crucial stage in the election, the Makron, in his words, aims to achieve even more impressive results. “Now, friends, we have increasingly combined France to win in two weeks and run our country. France we have one, we will establish it anew, it is a huge scale task, and I’m ready for it with you, I should be the President of all Frenchmen,” said the candidate.

Macron also announced that it is ready Monday, April 24, to begin the creation of a new coalition in Parliament, reports RIA Novosti.

According to the latest Ministry of the interior, macron ahead of her rival, the representative of the “National front” marine Le Pen — they received respectively 23,40 and 22,64%.