In St. Petersburg the second week of the continuing snowfall

In St. Petersburg the second week of the continuing snowfall

The streets in the city removed more than 600 special vehicles and more than 1 thousand janitors.

ST. PETERSBURG, April 22. /TASS/. Second week of winter in April continues in St. Petersburg, on Saturday, the town was covered with snow after several days of rain, the wipers work in the strengthened mode.

“Day (Saturday) the streets are clean, more than 600 special vehicles and more than 1 thousand janitors,” said the Committee for city improvement of Saint Petersburg.

An unexpected snow fell in the Northern capital of 13 April, but forecasters didn’t call it abnormal.

In the past two weeks, the maximum level of snow in some areas of Petersburg reached 13 see About the same level of snow was in mid-January. Variable rain during the last working week gave St Petersburg the hope that white veil will finally be on Wednesday in the Northern capital, even the sun was shining, but on Saturday morning the city is again covered with snow.

White flies and buds in the snow

St. Petersburg in social networks remember the spring of 2014, when the Northern capital was pleasing Sunny weather and high temperature for April is 17 degrees above zero.

Some users of social networks write about the good work of city services and noted that the roads and sidewalks are generally cleared of snow. Roofers daily check the condition of the roof and knock a few icicles.

This year the testing of the fountains in Peterhof, for the first time in many years took place against the backdrop of a snowy landscape. Because of the April snowfall also stopped preparing the St. Petersburg gardens for the summer season, the timing of the opening of the gardens and parks moved for about a week.

Snow continues

As noted in the press service of the Committee on the improvement of the city, in the spring of 2016 last snowfall at zero temperature was held April 14. According to the North-West Department of Rosgidromettsentrom, in the next three days the weather in St. Petersburg, the thermometer will not rise above 5 degrees.

Saint Petersburg, 23 appelerons 14 days+2°cloudy+1°cloudy NightForecast for 14 days

Saint Petersburg, 24 appelerons for 14 days+6°rain2°C Night mostly cloudyForecast for 14 days

Saint Petersburg, 25 appelerons for 14 days+4°Day of rain+3°Night snowForecast for 14 days

The rest of the weekend, weather forecasters again promise precipitation: weak storm snow will be replaced by a real snowfall, and then go in the drizzling rain. However, on Sunday, April 23, the atmospheric pressure will slowly begin to rise. The roads in some places sleet is expected, and suburban water bodies will continue drifting ice. The first week in April the snow had not led to a noticeable increase in serious accidents in St. Petersburg.

Winter mode for traffic companies the disposal of the beautification Committee was extended until April 23, although it is usually the season ends for the road April 15. The city authorities also decided to postpone a city-wide beautification Day for a week — until April 29. However, services have already started cleaning and started to remove the dirt from the streets and wash the road.