Dvorkovich called the condition of the lifting of restrictions on Turkey


RIA Novosti

Russia will not lift the restrictions against Turkey if it does not abolish duties on Russian grain. This was on the sidelines of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, reports TASS.

“For us, the issue of lifting restrictions on grain is unconditional. Without this, any action on our part will not. Without the lifting of the ban on grain even chance that we’ll get there,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

However, he added that the lifting of restrictions on grain “has a certain set of actions for which we are ready to negotiate.”

Earlier, on 7 April, Dvorkovich said that Turkey imposed restrictions on Russia’s grain irrational and lead to casualties on both sides, passed the “Prime”. Then he reported that Moscow and Ankara can hold a meeting on the grain question within two weeks.

March 15 the Turkish authorities have changed the procedure for the import of certain agricultural products for processing in the country, including wheat and sunflower oil. Russia was not included in the list of countries eligible for duty-free delivery. The Russian agriculture Ministry noted that the decision of the Turkish side can lead to a complete cessation of the importation into this country of Russian wheat, maize, beans and rice.

Turkey has decided to impose duties on the import of Russian grain at the request of local companies who are not satisfied with Moscow’s ban on imports of some products effective from 1 January 2016. It was a response to the incident in the skies of Syria, which took place in November 2015, when the Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian bomber.

Relations between Moscow and Ankara began to recover in the middle of last year, after Turkey’s President apologized to the Russian side. After that, the Russian sanctions were gradually eased, but Turkish tomatoes and cucumbers are still under embargo.