Charleston arrow was transferred to the Indiana state penitentiary for the death penalty

Dylan Ruth, archival photo

Dylan Ruth (Dylann Roof), recognized guilty in the murder of nine people in the churches of Charleston (South Carolina, USA), transferred from County jail to death row in Indiana. Reported by the Associated Press.

According to prison records, “Charleston shooter” Friday was transferred to the prison in Terre Haute, which placed the Federal courts sentenced to death. Date of the execution of Ruth not reported. It is known that he has yet to appear before the district court, despite the guilty verdict to a higher court.

17 June 2015 22-year-old Ruth shot black compatriots, when the faithful closed his eyes for saying a prayer. It was later determined that RUF has made 75 shots. The Prosecutor demanded for him an exceptional punishment, stressing that the accused acted prudently, and for reasons of hatred on racial grounds.

RUF itself in his concluding remarks, refused to repent of their deeds. “I felt I had to do it, and I still think that had to do it,” he said. Uttering these words, the offender laughed.