Trump believes that protecting the environment should no extra financial cost

Trump believes that protecting the environment should no extra financial cost

The US President also noted that economic growth contributes to environmental protection.

WASHINGTON, April 22. /Offset. TASS Boris Makarov/. Environmental protection is an important task, but its implementation should not be accompanied by unnecessary financial costs becoming a financial burden for American citizens. That is the essence of the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump is dedicated to the International day of Mother Earth.

“Our country is endowed with rich and spectacular natural resources and beauty. Americans are grateful for this gift of God and obligation to protect it for future generations. My administration is committed to preserving air and water, and protect forests, lakes and endangered species,” — said in a statement.

“Economic growth contributes to environmental protection. We can and must protect her, but not harming the families of American workers. That’s why my administration reduces unnecessary burden on working Americans and American businesses, however not forgetting that we also need to protect the environment,” — said the American leader.

“Exact Sciences are crucial to efforts to simultaneously achieve economic growth and environmental protection. My administration is also committed to encouraging research which allows us to better understand the environment and threats to the environment,” assured trump.

Trump in General is significantly different from the previous administration of Barack Obama, the approach to environmental issues and is an ardent critic of the theory of global warming. During the election campaign he expressed doubts about the scientific validity of the concept and stated that “it is not a big fan of the” Paris climate agreement. He emphasized that he intends to renegotiate the terms of the participation of the United States. Obama, by contrast, supported the development of alternative energy sources may pay special attention to initiatives concerning the fight against global warming, actively participated in the preparation of the Paris climate agreement.

The Day Mother Earth

Thousands of people around the world who came to the “March of science”, designed to protect science from political interference. As reported earlier, the organizers of the marches for science 610 are held in cities around the world, including Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels, Stockholm and Helsinki.

The action is timed to the International day of Mother Earth, which is in accordance with the resolution of the UN General Assembly celebrated on 22 April 2009. According to the idea of the UN held on that day of the event should help raise awareness of world public opinion on the urgent problems of the planet.