Thesis, Vladimir Medinsky will consider in Belgorod University

Thesis, Vladimir Medinsky will consider in Belgorod University

Doctoral dissertation of the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky, which the group accuses scientists of being unscientific, will be submitted for review in dissertation Council on history in the Belgorod state national research University (BelSU). This was reported by a member of the Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission (HAC), Mikhail Gelfand.

According to Mr. Gelfand, to submit a thesis for consideration at BSU spoke at the meeting of the expert Council on history, and this proposal was supported by the Presidium of the HAC. “This proposal of the expert Council, which was agreed to by the Bureau (VAC)”, — he said “Interfax”.

Recall that the statement about the withdrawal of Mr. Medina PhD was submitted in April 2016 historians by Vyacheslav Kozakovem and Konstantin Erusalimsky, along with an expert “Discerneth” Ivan Babitsky. HAC sent the case for consideration in the Ural Federal University (Urfu). The meeting was scheduled for October 4, 2016, but Vladimir Medinsky could not arrive to Ekaterinburg. Later, the WAC has withdrawn the case from Urfa, announcing the expiration of the review.

Thereafter, the Commission sent materials to the academic Council of historical faculty of Moscow state University. The Minister promised to come to the meeting in Moscow, but the meeting was postponed several times. On February 7, 2017 the Dean of the history faculty of the Ivan Tuchkov announced that the Board “reviewed materials”, but “sees no reason for further consideration because of their lack of indications of the unreasonable borrowing and violation of the procedure of protection”. This week the Chairman of the expert Council of VAK on the history of Pavel Uvarov said “Kommersant” that the complaint of the scientific work of the Minister of culture will still be considered on the merits.