The state Duma enters in the social network

The state Duma enters in the social network

By the end of April, the state Duma will launch the official accounts in six social networks, knows a source close to the leadership and a member of the Duma apparatus. Accounts will be in “contact”, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook.

The new leadership Council has conducted an audit of the digital directions — not only of the site and social networks, but also software. According to sources, the audit has shown that resources do not correspond to modern realities.

The Ease Of The State Duma

At the Duma social networking should be easy and modern design (for accounts will develop a corporate style), but the content should be understandable to readers: news, photo of the day, interesting facts about the Duma and the deputies, broadcasts, explanations of bills. Until now, the Duma is automatically only Twitter news from the official website.

The evening plenary session of the state Duma on April 21

— The state Duma (@dumagovru) 21 APR 2017

The speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin will not appear in official accounts in any of social networking.

The approach will differ from the management of accounts of other government agencies: the content will not answer social media experts and professional journalists. It is planned that each site will independent and the information on them will be heard in different ways. In Instagram — the state Duma in the people in Facebook — expert opinions and evaluation, “In contact” — clarification of laws, gives an example of the source in the apparatus. “In addition, to show the openness of the Duma people and attract their attention, will launch a series of special projects in conjunction with Mail Ru Group is “In contact” and “Classmates”” — he knows.

The official website of the state Duma upgrade on behalf of the speaker, the interlocutor continues in the apparatus. Under the leadership of the Chairman of Committee on information technologies, Leonid Levin, working group of experts, and six months later, the site should restart.

In the state Duma plan to collect “the joint editorial in the leading mass media”: about 20 employees who will be engaged in website and social networks.

Start social networking — the first stage of this work, knows the source.

Their sites had previously remade the Federation Council, the government and the Kremlin. There are certain requirements of users: “easy and intuitive interface, accessibility for gadgets,” adds the Duma official.

MFA in example

The best cases of the accounts of state bodies in social networks — Ministry of foreign Affairs and Roscosmos, said the Director of the Agency “Internet campaigning” Valery Soloviev.

Mead the largest amounts of subscribers (only in the “Twitter” of 1.25 million) and the largest number of reports, several dozen a day, says an expert. In his opinion, promotion of the Ministry of helps “flamboyant style Maria Zakharova, a serious dilution of the information, emotions and humor.”

“Rosatom” is actively developing the accounts “Vkontakte” and Instagram, Soloviev adds: “for Example, now Russia’s Roscosmos launched the “In contact” a documentary series “cosmos” in which they show how to prepare and fly to the ISS. The first series has already seen 800,000 people,” — explains the expert.

The Duma’s decision to immediately open accounts in six major social networks is absolutely correct, as together they cover almost the entire spectrum of Internet users, continues Solov’ev.

“In contact” and “Classmates”, respectively, more youthful and more aged audience throughout the country, and Facebook and Telegram — special social groups in Moscow and regional capitals: officials, politicians, media, creative class, expert and scientific community. Instagram — active young people in medium and large cities. As for Twitter, it developed among politicians and government agencies in the West, but in Russia it is not particularly promising story, said Solovyov.

In his opinion, absolutely in vain forgotten “Internet TV Youtube, where you can create a channel in the Duma.” In contrast, for example, “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, where the pages of the state Duma will have to start from scratch and systematically to gain subscribers on Youtube today there are bloggers with multi-million audiences, said Solovyov and cites the increased popularity of Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the Internet after the broadcast for the blog “Diary Hacha”.

“Alexei Navalny this week again in the top of Youtube with the campaign in an interview to Yuri Dude. It’s hard to imagine that after the Bulk Dude will come the speaker of the state Duma”, — doubts the warblers. “To send Natalia Polonskaya we would also not recommend. But if it came, for example, the Deputy from “United Russia” Andrei Isayev, on the move, speaking in aphorisms, able to respond to trolling with trolling, it would be a bomb,” he says.

There may be two directions, says political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov. One — to increase control, as social media become too public platforms, he says. The second is to streamline the activity in social networks. “To try to correct the usual situation when the MP on the page is limited to the description of their meetings in the third person, congratulations readers with the celebration and congratulations from colleagues-deputies with birthdays,” he says.

“For example, the Telegram for the formation of the agenda is an important news for you is almost guaranteed to be read by subscribers. And in General, eternal problem of the Duma — learn to tell about yourself briefly. Competent use of Telegram can to help,” — said the expert.