Moscow has warned Montenegro about the deterioration of relations with Russia

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Montenegro Igor lukšić in a staff-NATO apartment

The accession of Montenegro to NATO will negatively affect the whole complex of the relations of this country with Russia. About it in interview to “Interfax”, said Deputy foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov.

“As for our relations, not only membership in NATO as such, but a series of steps taken by the Montenegrin leadership, is joining the anti-sanctions and anti-Russian campaign in the local press — of course, the impact will inevitably impact negatively on the whole complex of Russian-Montenegrin relations,” the Deputy Minister said.

According to him, Moscow believes that a fundamental issues in the life of a state must decide the peoples of these countries. “In this case is the right of the Montenegrin people in a referendum to determine whether they want their country to join NATO, or do not want,” added Sacks.

Thursday, April 20, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova warned about the developing in Montenegro “unfavourable to the Russians of the situation.” The text of her statement published on the foreign Ministry website.

“Been a growing negative attitude to Russian business and our compatriots, whipping up hostile to Russia and its citizens moods in society with the filing of the ruling coalition. Don’t exclude possible provocations, detentions on dubious grounds, attempted extradition of Russian citizens to third countries, primarily the USA,” the statement said Zakharova.

After that, the Federal tourism Agency on its website has issued a warning to citizens who wish to visit Montenegro. It Federal Agency on tourism urged tour operators that implement tours in Montenegro, to warn customers about existing risks, and the Russians are planning a tour to Montenegro, it is recommended to consider the situation in the country and possible risks.

19 may 2016 NATO countries signed the Protocol on accession of Montenegro to the Alliance, thus giving it the status of observer at the meetings. It can become a full member of NATO when the document is ratified by all 28 member countries of the organization. On 14 February, the Association Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the appropriate Protocol was approved by 24 member States of the Alliance.