In Florida arrested an autistic ten-year-old student

In the U.S. state of Florida police have arrested a school-year-old boy with autism. About it reports CNN TV channel. The incident occurred last week, however it became known of it just now.

The reason for the arrest, detention order, has become the aggressive behavior of the student. In October last year for misconduct the teacher asked him to leave the class, but he refused and attacked the teacher. According to the teacher, he was left with bruises and scratches. According to police, during the incident, the boy threatened to kill the teacher.

After the incident last fall John began to study at home. Wednesday, April 12, he returned to school in order to pass the exam. Learn the offender, the teacher called in the school police.

“I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t understand (…) I don’t want to touch me. I don’t like being touched,” cried John Hagood during detention. According to the TV station, the child’s mother filmed the events on the phone. In particular, the video shows how the child handcuffed and escorted into a police car.

On remand Haygood spent the whole night. According to CNN, he was ordered to appear in court may 11.