Dvorkovich supported the idea to ban not work check the health of employees

Vice-Premier of Russian government Arkady Dvorkovich supported the idea not to let the work of those employees who have not checked their health. He stated this at the plenary session “Agenda 2017-2025: strategic initiatives” in the framework of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum, reports video News Service on Saturday, April 22.

The participants of the forum told the Deputy Prime Minister that at the enterprises of “Rosatom” stops working badge, if the employee has not passed the medical examination.

“As for not to let to work, if the person is not health checked, fully support”, — said Dvorkovich. According to him, “from the place of work is not particularly prejudiced, it should be on the enterprises of “Rosatom” and the Ministry of economic development, and on the Playground”.

21 APR Dvorkovich during a speech at the forum supported the proposal to introduce to the officials “the right to be wrong”. “Of course, should not have the right to the second and third mistake. It’s too much. But one mistake should certainly be right”, — quotes his words TASS.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, err will be allowed to those officials who “focused on ambitious outcomes rather than the current process.”