During the riots in Venezuela killed 11 people

During the riots in Venezuela killed 11 people

Venezuelan authorities have stated that as a result of the looting and violence amid mass protests in the night of Friday, 11 people were killed. This is the biggest death toll in one day in three weeks of protests.

In one case in the southern district of Caracas while trying to Rob a bakery were killed 10 people.

The video, made by locals, was the types of police in armored vehicles who were trying to bring the situation under control.

In another incident in the suburbs of the capital killed one person who was shot at the end of the opposition campaign.

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans took part in the mass actions in the capital Caracas and in 20 cities of the country.

The protesters are demanding early elections and the release from prison of opposition leaders.

Held the opposition campaign could become the largest in the country over the past three years. Activists have already called them the “mother of all protests” and “second independence day”.

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In parallel, in Caracas and has passed a March of supporters of President Nicolas Maduro, who accused opposition activists trying to organize a coup.

Otra persona muerta durante #protestas en #Venezuela, según alcalde de Sucre.https://t.co/7MdTcyPDcC pic.twitter.com/sQPdpl6LO0

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19 April, the media reported with reference to eyewitnesses, during a protest in Caracas student received a bullet wound in the head, causing died.