Attack on FSB: what is known about the attack in Khabarovsk

Attack on FSB: what is known about the attack in Khabarovsk

The attack on the Department of the FSB in the Khabarovsk made by the representative of the nationalist group who stole the gun from a local shooting club. In the attack two people were killed and another wounded.


The attack on the Department of the FSB in the Khabarovsk region occurred at 17:02 local time (10:02 MSK). A foster became an armed man, and “without crossing the established area of technical control and began to shoot at were in foster the people”, reported the public relations Center of the FSB.

Killed the employee of FSB of Russia and one of the two visitors — citizens of the CIS countries, the second is wounded.FSB

The attacker was killed.

Dead in the waiting room of the FSB — translator from Azerbaijan and a member of the Department for protection of constitutional order and combating terrorism Yakov Khasanov, told RBC source in the FSB. He graduated from the Khabarovsk boundary Institute of Federal security service in 2014.

“The person committed the crime in the Khabarovsk installed. It is a native and resident of Khabarovsk Krai A. V. Konev born in 1999. There is evidence of his belonging to a neo-Nazi group,” said the FSB. The name of the alleged offender Anton, follows from the operational account, which is at the disposal of RBC. On April 29 he would have been 18 years old.

The young man lured the operative and translator on the pretext that he intended to give them information about the extremists, said the source in the FSB. Exactly how developed further events until the end is unknown. According to a source RBC in the special forces, Konev opened fire from a TT pistol. Then he took a Kalashnikov rifle from the killed FSB officers started shooting randomly from him. “Shot at those who I saw,” said the source.

Another source of RBC in the FSB argues that without all the weapons were with him. The scene of the attack was seized two TT pistol and carbine “saiga”. The FSB confirmed that this weapon was stolen from a local shooting club.

Konev was shot in the waiting room, pointed at the center of public relations of FSB. One of the bullets bounced off the wall and wounded the attacker, the source said RBC. He added that after the shooting to foster law enforcement agencies began to explore the territory of the FSB and found a suspicious bag. In this regard, was caused by the sappers and cynologists. Arrived at the heavily armed fighters of the FSB and Riot police blocked the building management, security officers were locked in their offices, they were forbidden to leave jobs, said another interlocutor of RBC in the FSB. Explosives in the result were not found.

Stolen gun

The pistols and rifle were stolen from the club “hammer”, told RBC two people in the secret service. According to them, visited the club the investigators found that the tyre was stolen all the weapons, and the instructor killed. The death of the instructor and confirmed in the center of public relations of FSB. One of the sources of RBC said that only 40 had been stolen weapons. Director of sports shooting club “hammer” Nikolay Mikhaylyuk could not confirm or refute the information about the stolen from a club weapon and the deceased instructor. “I can’t talk,” he replied to the question RBC.

How many people attacked the club is unknown. In FSB say that Konev was one. The source of “Interfax” argues that at least one person detained. “During the search [in a rented apartment] he discovered and seized a fighting machine with cartridges, according to preliminary data, stolen in the attack on tyre,” — said the Agency interlocutor. He said that the detainee, a 29-year-old native of Stavropol Krai, previously convicted was not.

Konev on the page in social network “Vkontakte” from August 2016 was published four videos, which depicted several young people who train to shoot from pistols and machine guns and throw bottles with an incendiary mix. On one of the clips, hear a male voice utters “Allahu Akbar”. AmurMedia with reference to the eyewitness says the assailant before shooting yelling “Allah Akbar”. Earlier Life reported that a young man two years ago converted to Islam.

Konev was associated with a small nationalist group “Stolz”, told RBC two people in the FSB. According to one of them, the group appeared at the end of 2012, the number of traffic — about 15 people in the ages 17-20 years, they consider themselves “fighters for morality”. They also act against illegal migration, the source said. In April 2013 members of the group attacked LGBT activists during an action “Day of silence”: the activists stood with their mouths taped and handed out leaflets. Another attack occurred in August 2013.

“He told me that he is the “right” people. Because in his life there were problems, he said, he had nothing to lose and he wanted to “go somewhere to do something.” Apparently this “something” he did”, — said the publication a girl from a number of friends Konev VK.

For example Partizan

Konev and grouping “Stolz” — not the most well-known representatives of the nationalist movement in the far East. So, in a series of attacks on police officers and drug dealers accused of “Primorsky partisans”. Group intensified after in April 2009 in Moscow police major Denis Yevsyukov opened fire in a supermarket “Island”. The task of “partisans” called to combat “isokoski gang.” Two of the alleged members of the group Andrei Sukhorada and Alexander Sweet was killed in June 2010, when security forces stormed their apartment; the other convicted of murder, encroachment on the lives of government officials, arms trafficking, car theft and other crimes.

“Partisans” was considered a neo-Nazi group; in particular, Sukhorada was formerly a member of the banned National Bolshevik party. However, other members of the group Alexander Kovtun and Roman Savchenko, being in a detention center in Vladivostok, had converted to Islam; Kovtun in his open letter called this religion “the salvation for all people.”

“The case of the “Primorsky partisans” special, because almost all members of the group were without any political background. But this fellow is clearly background is. Of assaults on police (the FSB is exotic) was plenty just from the extreme right, because it is hostile to the system. It is absolutely not unusual, and the far East nothing here stands out. What is unusual is that in these attacks there was quite a long break, it was still prevalent five years ago”, — told RBC Director of the information analytical center “Sova” Alexander Verkhovsky.

“There is a known phenomenon that many ultra-disappointed in his performance because you can’t see in it prospects, and they begin to feel that the future belongs to radical Islam. There is a noticeable number of cases where ultra-peroxide radical Islamists,” — said Verkhovsky. He cited the example of the story of Kirill Prisyazhnyuk, which is part of the St. Petersburg neo-Nazi group “Nevograd”: in prison he became an Islamist after his release he left the Caucasus and married a Muslim. In the end, he was detained on the Turkish-Syrian border in December 2016 received 4 years in prison for recruiting in the banned “Islamic state”.