Americans are adapting submarines for women

Americans are adapting submarines for women

For female sailors on submarines appears separate showers and beds with stairs.

The American company Electric Boat working on the modification of submarines of the “Virginia” in order to adapt them for female sailors. As Navy Times reports, the company plans to redesign the interior layout of the ship. As expected, the first submarine built with the expectation of female submariners will be “new Jersey”, not yet built, but already ordered military ship.

All modern submarines were designed exclusively for the men’s crews.

For this reason, some elements, including the bypass valves, designed for a man’s strength; turn their women can be difficult. In addition, showers and living compartments are also designed for men only.

According to the statement, Electric Boat, besides the obvious increase in the number of bathrooms on the submarine, the organization of separate latrines and beds, the company intends to change some other elements. In particular, most of the controls are located high are taken below, they will be easier to switch or rotate.

In addition, the company intends to install the ladder from the bunk beds to make it easier for women to climb to the second and third tiers. Finally, all the information tables and displays will be posted below.

As expected, the submarine “new Jersey” with new layout will be part of the American fleet in 2021.

The command of the U.S. Navy lifted the ban on women on submarines in 2010. The first resolution to serve on submarines were women officers. Currently, American submarines are 80 female officers and 50 women sailors. According to the command of the US Navy, their number exceeded a hundred in the next few years.

In January last year, the Minister U.S. Navy ray Mabus has ordered that the military has revised the names of all the positions and professions in which appears the word man (man). As a result of the revision of the use of must leave words like yeoman (senior clerk), fireman (firefighter) and seaman (sailor).

Vasily Sychev