American stabbed in the eye neighbor in hostel in St. Petersburg

An American of Japanese descent may become a defendant in a criminal case in Russia for the fact that he stuck a knife in the eyes of the neighbor in the hostel. About it writes “Fontanka”.

The incident occurred on the evening of 20 April in one of hostels of Saint Petersburg on Kazanskaya street. 27-year-old US citizen and the visitor from Tajikistan had a fight and during the fight the American was stabbed in the eyes of his opponent.

According crippled man in serious condition was taken to the Alexander hospital, and the Americans — to the police station.

What was the reason for the quarrel is not specified. Law enforcement authorities of a city establish details of the incident. According to “Fontanka”, a criminal case under article “Hooliganism”. The maximum punishment under this article — imprisonment for the term up to five years.

The publication writes that the American informed the guards that in Petersburg he arrived on 2 April with the aim to find a job and stay to live in Russia.