After the dictation in 30 cities will host the “total lab”

After the dictation in 30 cities will host the “total lab”

Scientific event “all-Russian laboratory” will be held April 22 in 30 cities of Russia, stated in the release, the organizers of the event received by RBC.

As explained by the organizers, the job will consist of 37 questions, which will be built on the principle of “it is not taught in school.” The job will be given 45 minutes. At the end participants will have access to the correct answers. The authors of the best works on the results of the promotion will receive prizes according to the organizers. Among the curators of the areas of laboratory bioinformatic and biophysicist Mikhail Gelfand, a geographer and hydrologist, Alexander Belyaev, linguist Alisa Kuznetsova, journalist Grigory Tarasevich, and other professionals in various fields.

In Moscow the action will take place at 40 sites. Most of the participants the organizers expect in Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Ufa, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. According to preliminary estimates, in total in action will take part about 10 thousand people.

The event is held in Russia for the first time with the support of RAS, MISIS, the Polytechnic Museum, Siberian Federal University, Novosibirsk state University, Yaroslavl state University, Saint Petersburg state University, ITMO University and other scientific centers of the country. Action partners — the organizers of the “Total dictation”.

“Total dictation” is an annual educational event, which takes place in Russia in 2004, it aims to promote literacy among the population. In the framework of the campaign, anyone can test their knowledge of the rules of the Russian language by writing a dictation of the text, specifically for this purpose by well-known writer, poet or writer.

For comparison, in 2004 the “Total dictation” was attended by 150 people, in 2016 — more than 145 thousand people, the action took place in 732 cities in 69 countries around the world. In recent years, the lyrics to “Total dictation” was prepared by the writers Dmitry Bykov, Dina Rubina, Zakhar Prilepin and Andrei Usachev.

The author of the text in 2017 became the winner of the award “national bestseller”, “Big book” and other award-winning writer Leonid Yuzefovich.