Us air Marshal has forgotten a gun in an airplane bathroom

Us air Marshal escorting a flight from Manchester to new York, forgot the gun in the plane’s bathroom. It is reported by The New York Times.

As specifies the edition, the weapons found one of the passengers of the liner and handed it to the crew. Those, in turn, returned the gun to the owner.

Despite the incident, the employee was not suspended from work, she was assigned to escort other flights.

The incident occurred on April 6, however it became known of it just now. In the Administration of transport safety of the USA stated that they were aware of the incident, but no comment on the matter, representatives of the Department will not give.

Federal air marshals (Federal Air Marshal Service, FAMS) is a Federal law enforcement Agency in the United States, operating as part of office of transport security (TSA) Department of homeland security (DHS). Service agents are incognito on civilian flights in order to combat hostile acts against passengers and hijacking.