U.S. authorities are preparing charges against Julian Assange

U.S. authorities are preparing charges against Julian Assange

Us authorities are considering charges to the founder of the site Wikileaks Julian Assange, American media report.

On Thursday, U.S. officials briefed several media outlets about the impending measures against Assange and other members of the site specializing in the publication of confidential documents.

By data Hey-bi-si, the authorities are still only discussing possible actions, however, si-EN-EN informs that they are already preparing charges in order to extradite and arrest Assange.

Last week the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo has described Wikileaks as hostile intelligence service, which helps Russia and called Assange a fraud.

However, last year the band was praised by the President of the United States Donald trump for his activities during the election campaign.

In October last year, the website Wikileaks published more than 2 million electronic documents, including correspondence, Hillary Clinton and head of her election headquarters of John Podestà.

The Democratic party insist that this “drain” helped defeat Clinton in the election.

American intelligence agencies have concluded that the email hacking of the Democrats was Russia, which has used Wikileaks to influence the results of presidential elections and to help the victory trump.

Russian authorities deny accusations of meddling in the presidential campaign in the United States. Assange, who since 2012 hiding in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, said that the publication of the letters was intended to influence the outcome of elections.

Julian Assange is in the Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden where he is accused of sexual crimes.

The U.S. Department of justice is investigating in relation with Assange since Wikileaks published thousands of diplomatic documents stolen by U.S. military, now known as Chelsea manning.

However, when Barack Obama’s presidency, the Ministry concluded that to bring specific charges, Assange and Wikileaks will be difficult, informs si-EN-EN.

The administration trump took a more assertive stance. Apparently, the White house position was influenced by the fact that in March, Wikileaks published information about the exploits used by the CIA.