The Supreme court has recognized “Jehovah’s Witnesses” extremist organization and liquidate it

The Supreme court has recognized “Jehovah’s Witnesses” extremist organization and liquidate it

The assets of the organization converts to the property of the state.

MOSCOW, April 20. /TASS/. The Supreme court has recognized “Jehovah’s Witnesses” extremist organization, eliminated and banned its activities in the country. Thus was satisfied the claim of Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation.

In the decision the court stated the immediate cessation of the activities of all offices 395 “Jehovah’s Witnesses” in the country

The assets of the organization, the court turned to the state income.

On Thursday, judge Yury Ivanenko read out only the operative part of the decision, the full text of which will be given to the parties at hand for five days.

The organization has already stated that they will appeal the decision to the court of appeals of the Supreme court. The organization’s representative noted that they intend to walk to the ECHR, if the appellate court cancels the decision.

While the court decision has not entered into force. If the organization is still appealing, because it will come with the announcement of the appeal decision. Otherwise, after 30 days.

The essence of the claim

In its lawsuit, the DOJ pointed to revealed during the unplanned inspection of various irregularities in the implementation of the activities of the organization, including the Federal law “On countering extremist activities”. The Agency is asked to acknowledge the organization and its 395 offices of extremist and to ban their activities and confiscate the property.

October 12, 2016 the Tver court of Moscow issued a warning to “Jehovah’s Witnesses” for extremist activity. According to Russian legislation, if the set in the warning period a religious Association were not corrected the violations or new facts testifying to presence of signs of extremism, the organization is subject to liquidation. 16 January 2017, the Moscow city court upheld the warning for extremist activity against the organization.

“Jehovah’s witnesses” is an international religious organization that adheres to a heterodox directions in Christianity and is characterized by the specific interpretation of many religious concepts. In it consisted of 21 local organization, three of them were liquidated for extremism.