The state Duma has forbidden to name children swear words and figures

The state Duma has forbidden to name children swear words and figures

MOSCOW, 21 APR — RIA Novosti. The state Duma a year after making adopted on Friday in the third final reading a law prohibiting the when you register the name of the child to use numbers, swear words, punctuation marks and titles, but allowing at the same time to give the baby a double surname.

Senator Valentina Petrenko introduced a bill to the state Duma on 21 April 2016.

The law supplementing the Family code provision stating that the choice of parents name of child not allowed the use of numbers, alphanumeric symbols, and the use of numerals, symbols and non-letter characters except for the character “hyphen” or any combination or abusive language, instructions on positions and titles. While in the Federal law “On acts of civil status”, the deputies placed a ban on the entry in the civil status of such names. The child’s name will be recorded on the parental agreement.

In addition, the document establishes that the child’s surname is determined by the parents ‘ surname. If the parents have different surnames, according to their agreement, the child may be given the surname of the father, mother or a hyphenated name, formed by joining two names to each other in any order, unless otherwise provided by laws of subjects of the Russian Federation.

It is not allowed to change the order of joining of the surnames of the father and mother to each other during the formation of double last names from full-blood brothers and sisters. Specifies that the double surname of the child may consist of no more than two words are connected in writing with a hyphen.

The law is intended to protect the interests of children and to protect them from excessive originality of the parents when choosing a name.