The Russian Orthodox Church called restoration of the demolition of the temple of the XVIII century in Yekaterinburg

In the Yekaterinburg diocese denied recent media information about the demolition of the temple of the XVIII century. According to Bishop Sredneuralskaya Eugene, works in the Dormition Church are connected with its restoration, TV channel ETV on Friday, April 21.

“In the 1920-ies it was closed one of the first. The temple has never been restored, the building was not repaired the entire Soviet period. His condition steadily worsened and as a result, the building became an emergency,” said the vicar. In his opinion, now the temple, in contrast, “back to life”.

Before the revolution, the Church was part of the ensemble of the Novo-Tikhvinsky monastery. It was returned to the monastery a few years ago, and immediately thereafter work began on its restoration, and still ongoing. The restoration project is coordinated with state authorities for the protection of monuments. “Be assured that the Church loves its temples, the restoration of relics — one of its main missions. We are all waiting for restoration the assumption Church and fervently pray for it,” said Bishop Eugene.

Information on the demolition of the Church was originally distributed public figure of Ekaterinburg Marina Sakharova. She published photographs of the ruins, which, according to her, are in place of the assumption Church. After the appearance of this information the management of state protection of objects of cultural heritage of Sverdlovsk region began an unscheduled inspection.