The public chamber was headed by a party of the operation to free the Beslan school

Vyacheslav Bocharov

The new head of the Public chamber became Vyacheslav Bocharov, who previously held the post of first Deputy Secretary, reports TASS.

Head was elected at the plenary session due to the fact that former Secretary OP Alexander Brechalov April 4, was appointed acting head of the Udmurt Republic.

Bocharov was born on 17 October 1955. He graduated from the Ryazan higher airborne command school and Military Academy named after Frunze. He served in the airborne forces and the FSB. Bocharov took part in the fighting in Afghanistan and Chechnya. He also participated in the operation to free the hostages in school No. 1 in Beslan in 2004, during the assault he was severely wounded in the head.

Bocharov, The Hero Of Russia. He headed the Fund “Soldiers of the XXI century against the war”.

Powers of the OP expire this summer. At the end of 2016 was changed the order of formation of OP. Under the new rules, 40 members appointed by the President of Russia, 85 of the nominated regional public chambers, and 43 is selected from the members of public organizations.