The police raided the suburbs of Paris in connection with the attack fighter

A man who attacked police in Paris, according to preliminary data, lived in the Eastern suburbs of the French capital. Reported by the Associated Press.

According to the Agency, the police raided a residential area, whose inhabitants could be relevant to the attack. According to the documents, it is located in Chelles, where most of the living representatives of the middle class.

The owners of the house is the family of Karim Cheurfa, 39 years old. Police said a man from the Eastern suburbs is the Prime suspect.

It also became known that Cheurfa was convicted of assaulting a police officer in 2001.

The attack occurred on Thursday evening, April 20. Next to a utility vehicle, a car stopped, got out a man and fired shots. One of the policemen was killed on the spot, seriously injured two of his colleagues. The attacker was eliminated, according to some, he was an accomplice.

Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”. The extremists said that the attack on the police made their “soldiers,” Abu Yousif from Belgium.