The Navy will receive the biggest nuclear submarine in the world

The Navy will receive the biggest nuclear submarine in the world

Length of the submarine “Belgorod” after the upgrade will be 182 meters.

Research nuclear submarine of project 09852 “Belgorod” will be the biggest submarine in the Russian Navy and the world. For its size and displacement she will overtake included in the Guinness Book of records the heavy nuclear missile cruiser of project 941-type “Typhoon”.

Submarine are created on the basis of an unfinished drum submarine of the project 949A type “Antey”. These boats were built in the Soviet Union as a response to the deployment of American aircraft carrier compounds in the oceans. On Board was located twenty-launchers supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles “Granit”. “Belgorod” laid at the Severodvinsk machine-building enterprise in 1992. In 2006, construction finished on 76% of the ship froze.

At the moment the decision to rebuild the boat under a new project 09852, is designed to carry out scientific research missions. He will be the bearer of uninhabited deep-diving vehicles and submersibles, and special scientific equipment. The boat will be to study the bottom of the Russian Arctic shelf, to seek at greater depths the minerals, as well as to lay submarine communication.

As have informed “news” in command of the Navy, the modernization of the submarine will be completed in 2018. At the moment the boat carried out the redesign of the Central part. In the area of the missile compartment, the new embedded size of about 30 meters. It will be placed special equipment installed the lock chambers to transfer sailors in submersibles, as well as the release of the divers. As a result, the length of the “ante” has increased from an initial 154 to 184 meters. It is eleven meters longer than the biggest nuclear submarine “the Typhoon”. And also on 12 metres larger than the length of the Western submarines American submarines of the type Ohio.

Professor of the Academy of military Sciences Vadim Kozyulin told “Izvestia” that “Belgorod” will become not only the largest, but also a unique submarine of the Russian Navy. Direct analogues “Belgorod” in the world.

Russia creates a specialized ship special deep-sea equipment that will be able to engage in the exploration, Assembly and service it on the seabed.

— According to some, “Belgorod” will be the bearer of Autonomous deep-sea station al-31 “Losharik” — said the expert. — It will be transported and installed on the seabed Autonomous underwater atomic modules are intended for charging of unmanned underwater vehicles. The submarine would provide for the deployment of a global system of monitoring of underwater environment, which the military build at the bottom of the Arctic seas.

For the first time information on plans for the conversion of the nuclear submarine “Belgorod” in boat carrier submersibles appeared in 2010. The then Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky announced plans to use it as a boat special purpose. In addition to deep-sea apparatus on the ship will be deployed geophysical complex “Magma”. It will allow exploration on the Arctic shelf. The complex is four times reduce the costs of conducting research in remote areas irrespective of weather conditions and ice situation.

Before the advent of “Belgorod” nuclear submarines of project 941-type “Typhoon” was considered one of the biggest submarines. Their full displacement is almost 50 tonnes Length 173 m, width 23 m. At the moment of the six built nuclear submarines of 941-year project to build only TK-208 “Dmitry Donskoy”. The ship solves the problem of testing of new types of marine equipment. With his side carried out the first launches of the latest Maritime ballistic missile “Bulava”.