The foreign Ministry called


RIA Novosti

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia resented the attempt of the radicals of the Ukrainian “National body” to desecrate the monument to General Nikolai Vatutin in Kiev.

“19 April, a group of thugs from the Pro-fascist forces of the Ukrainian radical nationalists of the “national body” tried to desecrate the monument to N. F. Vatutin, was placed on his grave in the center of Kiev”, – is spoken in the message published on the official website of the Department.

The foreign Ministry considered that “the current generation of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the name of General Vatutin, who died in 1944 at the hands of Bandera bandits, causing a deep hatred and vile effort to discredit the feat of the hero who liberated the people of Ukraine from the Nazi enslavement.”

“Causes particular outrage that such event occurred on the eve of Victory Day. Sure, despite all the attempts of the current regime, May 9 remains a great holiday for millions of residents of Ukraine,” the Ministry added.

In addition, the Russian foreign Ministry has urged the Ukrainian authorities “to take necessary measures to prevent the desecration of the memory of those who saved the world from the brown plague”.