The police raided the suburbs of Paris in connection with the attack fighter

A man who attacked police in Paris, according to preliminary data, lived in the Eastern suburbs of the French capital. Reported by the Associated Press. According to the Agency, the police raided a residential area, whose inhabitants could be relevant to the attack. According to the documents, it is located in Chelles, where most of the living representatives of the middle class. The owners of the house is the family of Karim Cheurfa, 39 years old. Police said a man from the Eastern suburbs is the Prime suspect. It also became known that Cheurfa was convicted of assaulting a police officer in 2001. The attack occurred on Thursday evening, April 20. Next to a utility vehicle, a car stopped, got out a man and fired shots. One of the policemen was killed on the spot, seriously injured two of his colleagues. The attacker was eliminated, according to some, he was

In the state Duma gathered to bury Lenin, according to the law

Continued: Wanted to bury Lenin’s deputies compared with the ghouls Deputies of the state Duma from fractions “United Russia” and LDPR has drafted a bill on the legal mechanism of burial of the remains of Vladimir Lenin. It is reported by RT on Thursday, April 20. “We have provided for the establishment of the interdepartmental Commission, which will deal with the issue of reburial of the remains of historical figures. We are talking about the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, the legal basis for the reburial of which is now missing in the legal field”, — said one of the authors Vladimir Sysoev. The relevant amendments are proposed to the law “About burial”. According to the “Levada-Center”, more than half of Russians believe that Lenin’s body should be buried. In particular, 32 percent of respondents believe that his grave should be located at the Kremlin wall, 26 percent in favor of

Putin assessed the risks of a cynical attitude to the story

Vladimir Putin Neglect of history leads to the separation of peoples. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the organizing Committee “Victory”. His words on Thursday, April 20, the correspondent “”. “We see what are the risks of a cynical attitude to the past as falsification, manipulation of historical facts leads to the separation of countries and peoples, dissociation, emergence of new dividing lines, forming the image of the enemy”, — said the head of state. On 4 October last year the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky called a total scum those who has questioned the feat of 28 Panfilov — fighters 316th rifle division, who allegedly died in November of 1941, beating out tank attack on Moscow. Medinsky stressed that “even if this story was invented from the beginning to the end, even if it wasn’t., even if there was nothing, is

In Canada, the derailment of a freight train killed two people

In Canada, the derailment of a freight train killed two people In Canada North of Vancouver island with derailed freight train, CBC News has reported citing local emergency services. As a result of incident, according to them, two people died, three were seriously injured. All the victims were taken to hospitals. The incident, as noted by CBC News, occurred at 8:45 local time in the village of Voss. At the moment the causes of the incident, according to the publication, installed. 2 confirmed dead after train derails logging on Vancouver Island — CBC News (@CBCNews) 20 APR 2017 Derailed train, as noted by CBC News, was carrying timber and wood. Also there were employees of a canadian logging company Western Forest Products. This information, according to the publication, confirmed representatives of the company. The rest of the details and circumstances of incident are not reported. Earlier, on March

The militants* took responsibility for the shooting in Paris

The militants* took responsibility for the shooting in Paris MOSCOW, 21 APR — RIA Novosti. Terrorist group “Islamic state”* took responsibility for the shooting in Central Paris, which killed one police officer, reports Agence France Presse with reference to the website associated with extremists. On the Champs Elysees in Paris on Thursday night there was a shootout in which killed, according to one policeman, two others were injured. One of the attackers was liquidated by response fire, the other might be disappeared. Il n y a pas de mots … soutien aux familles des victimes #JeSoutiensLaPolice #ChampsElysees — Team Trou Duc (@TeamTrouDuc) 20 APR 2017 The police said that does not exclude at this stage any theories of what happened, the investigation deals with the anti-terrorist unit of the Paris Prosecutor’s office. * A terrorist organization banned in the territory of the Russian Federation

Fire salamanders are becoming extinct because of the fungus

Fire salamanders are becoming extinct because of the fungus The number of the largest Salamander of Europe, Salamandra Salamandra, is rapidly decreasing due to fungi, protection from which they can develop. Why is this happening and what will happen to these animals in the future, a group of Belgian and Swiss scientists said in an article published by the journal Nature. During the two years of study, biologists have found that spores of the fungus, striking the newts, Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, can be transferred to the other two species of amphibians, and birds, and can survive in water for several months. According to researchers, the fungus could get into Europe with carriers, salamanders and newts imported from Asia as Pets. The fungus invades the skin of salamanders, causing apathy, loss of appetite, which leads to the death of the animal. Scientists have discovered a fungus in the Netherlands in 2013 after

In Egypt have discovered the remains of previously unknown predators

In Egypt have discovered the remains of previously unknown predators A new species of carnivorous mammal of gandonov, fossilized remains of which were discovered in Egypt, was named in honor of the God Anubis. Description of the remains presented in the article of American scientists in the journal PLOS ONE. Hyaenodonts were the predecessors of modern predators, living in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. Their sizes differ very much: the larger species reach three feet in length, while small in size resembled modern weasels. The found remains belong to an animal the size of a skunk. Their age is estimated at 34 million years old. A new species got its name, Masrasector nananubis, after the Egyptian God of the underworld, Anubis, who was depicted with the head of a Jackal or dog. Find paleontologists consists of jaws, almost as much as skulls and bones of extremities. The researchers compared

A student tried to draw a guy with self-presentation in Power Point and failed

A student tried to draw a guy with self-presentation in Power Point and failed American student Lizzie Fenton (Fenton Lizzy) prepared for a guy named Carter, presenting themselves in Power Point, which painted its advantages. However, the young man did not appreciate the effort girls, but the presentation is like Microsoft, writes The Independent. In the first slide of the presentation “Why you should date me,” Fenton pointed out that if the family is exasperated by his talk that it’s time to find a serious girl, she is the best candidate for this position. I just emailed this powerpoint to my crush Carter do you think it’ll work :// — Lizzy Fenton (@LizzyFenton) 27 Mar 2017 “I’m a great conversationalist and can carry on a conversation at dinner with your parents. I dress well and look stylish at thanksgiving, at family gatherings and other events.” — said Lizzie. The

Kadyrov called provocation media reports about the persecution of people in Chechnya

Photo: RIA Novosti Ramzan Kadyrov has called “provocative” publications about the abductions and murders of gays in Chechnya. The words of the head of the Republic reports RIA Novosti. “I want to tell you that those provocative article about the Chechen Republic about the events that happen, there are supposedly of detention, gentlemen “good people” write about what we have detention in the country. Even talking about it is uncomfortable. Supposedly people are detained there, kill even called one (person – ed. Rambler)” — Kadyrov said. His statement Kadyrov made at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the head of the region, people whom the reporters called the dead, were “alive, healthy and is at home.” Kadyrov added that such unfounded rumours about the region published in the press “in year two or three times.” On 1 April journalists of “Novaya Gazeta” published a material stating about

Shulgin: four countries supported the proposal of Russia and Iran on the incident in Idlib

The HAGUE, April 21. /Offset. TASS Vitaly Chugin/. Four countries supported the Russian-Iranian proposal for investigation of possible use of chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib on 4 April. Reported about it in conversation with the correspondent of TASS, Russia’s permanent representative to the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin following the meeting of the Executive Council of the organization.